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Lights and Camera: Portraits of John Choi

John Choi subjected to an upward facing light.   Creating shadow puppets using gel sheets and reflective material.

Lights and Camera: Andrew and Paul

Lights & Shadows

Photos taken with iPhone. By Katherine Wang

Jan 24 Photo – John Choi & Xavier Apostol

Here’s a nice picture of lighting experiments, with subject Xavier Apostol and photographer John Choi. And here’s a rainbow, because rainbows are awesome ūüôā

Lights and Camera: Photo by Paul and Andrew

Exploring the concepts of light, shadow, color, and reflection using extremes of each to produce the maximum contrast.¬† Taken using a cell phone¬† by Andrew Chang, subject Paul…

Lights and Camera: Portraits by Haobo

Light and Camera: Portraits of Katherine

January 24th Photos

Photos of Jennifer Kwang shot on Android

Jan 24 Agenda

Announcements Before class: please disassemble and stow any remaining materials from the first tutorial. Please sign up¬† on your own for fire extinguisher training as needed: BioRaft Fire…

Planetary Surface

This¬†project began with¬†a suspended and crumpled sheet of paper and ended with¬†a cinematic visual akin to a science fiction set piece. After hanging¬†the crumpled paper on a¬†stand, we…