The HeliBirdie is an aerial toy which flies up and glides back down in a smooth arc. This helicopter-based toy¬†demonstrates powered flight through elastic potential energy stored in a rubber band and unpowered flight using birds’ feathers as flight stabilizers to glide.



Kids will interact with the HeliBirdie in ways similar to a ball or a frisbee. The general idea of use it to launch the HeliBirdie and then to try and catch it as it glides back down. It could potentially be used to pass between two or more children. Interaction with the HeliBirdie develops hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and ideas regarding flight.


The HeliBirdie has plastic propellors, and the main body is made from plastic and feathers. It is powered by a rubber band. The HeliBirdie would be very lightweight and inexpensive to create. Propellors may pose a slight safety hazard but the rubber band will not be very powerful so as to mitigate this risk.