The name will need to be changed, but the concept is self explainitory

  • This project is inspired from the basic idea of toy cars but give and interactive twist to help keep children interested and helps develop creativity.
  • These toys require cognitive skills and a basic understanding of how the parts will interact so it’s for all ages +10
  • The basic design has parts that all link together to make the car structurally sound. The interest comes from both building the car and making it move. There are multiple variations and since the plastic is ┬ávery strong it will be able to carries a relatively large load– later design will have extra parts that allow the children to program and have a battery-powered source as well as more ways to construct the car.
  • The┬ámaterials used are plastics and rubbers so that the vehicles are both light and easily transferable; however, the the smaller parts, like links, are small enough to be choking hazard for smaller children.