due at the start of class on Thursday 9/24

Please watch some asynchronous lectures on the actual physical Arduino board, as well as how to set up the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) on your computer—that’s the place you’ll do your Arduino code writing that isn’t Tinkercad.

Below are four videos which address the physical board (videos 5–8). You may already know some of this information from the Tinkercad learning we’ve done, but you may not—you’re welcome to watch them at at higher speed if that’s comfortable for you.

After that, there are two videos on connecting your Arduino to the computer via the USB cable. You should watch those and give it a go!

At the bottom there are two optional videos that go into more detail on the board (videos 9–10); watch these if you’re interested.

Assigned videos: the physical Arduino board

Arduino board tour: basics (video 5)

Arduino board tour: LEDs and power pins (video 6)

Arduino board tour: analog inputs (video 7)

Arduino board tour: digital pins (video 8)

Assigned videos about setting up your computer-to-Arduino connection

Intro to Arduino software: setup (video 11)

Intro to Arduino software: uploading (video 14)

Optional videos about the board (if you’re interested in learning more)

Arduino board tour extras: additional components (video 9)

Arduino board tour extras: every last pin on the board (video 10)