Kaitlyn -final -Room In Time

Title: Room in Time

Time in Quarantine spend in two save havens, one at school in Pittsburgh then a move to Denver.


Room in Time: Denver

Room in Time: Pittsburgh 


During the beginning of quarantine, I was confined to one room, my dorm room. During this time, I documented my movements around the room for days and complied them into a single time-lapse video. I could be seen working, frantically packing, eating, watching movies, and zooming. Then after a few weeks I had to move to Denver where I am currently staying with my boyfriend and his family. Here I was able to roam in a house with a backyard, multiple room, and different floor levels. However, even though I had more space I was still more or less confines to a single room to do my living. Everything was clean and neatly arranged with not a single candle or book out of place. I felt that my room was the only place where I could live in the house without anxiety of messiness. I did the same type of video in Pittsburgh except this time in Denver. I feel what is most interesting is my restricted movements in Denver, I’m no longer flying everywhere around the room, but I’m seated in only a few places and found to be cleaning the bathroom rather than making a mess. I also think that the colors in the Denver time-lapse compared to Pittsburgh also adds to the feeling of restriction and more confinement.




Putting Up the Camera:

Unlike the the dorm room in Pittsburgh this time I had access to a GoPro! I was able to tape the GoPro to the camera using painters tape.

In order to match the type of style of the previous video I wanted to make the footage into a time-lapse foot by keeping only the 24th frame. I creates a small code using python OpenCV to go through the GoPro footage.

Deleting Frames:

Once I got all the footage cut I was able to create a 4k video using a compilation of several 1080 videos.  This proved to be extremely difficult for my laptop but with lots of patience  we both got through it. Unlike the Doom time-lapse I took careful efforts to make the different video seem together a bit better.

Color Correction:


Screenshot of the final cut.

Through the Fence: Long Exposure and Slit Cam

I used a Slow Camera, a long exposure app, to image the house behind our wooden fence. The slits in the fence allowed the light to make an imprint on the photo as I slowly moved to the slide in order to fill the panels.

Long Exposure:


This time I used a slit-scan app and tried to keep very still and position the slit scan in between two of the wooden panels. Unlike the long exposure instead of getting what was behind the fence I would only get a view of who was passing. (usually dog walkers)

Slit Cam:

April Plan

for my April plan I want to organize all of my photos of Missouri to Denver billboards as a typography type of project.

Within the next week I also want to create another room time lapse but this time restricting my phone to the ceiling fan over the course of a few days. This might be a bit challenging because I will have to go out of my way to restrict myself in a space within a space so it will be an interesting experience.

Room Quarantine Time Lapse

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share something I’ve been working on the past couple days!

I created a very David Hockney like time lapse of me in my dorm room on a day to day bases. With the help of a lot of duct-tape I filmed two-three hour time lapses of various spots in my room. I experimented with the frame rate on each video clip. Here is the end product!


A Run Cut Short

I set out to take a time lapse of my run to Frick Park but unfortunately I accidentally hit the stop button when I got to squirrel hill! Nevertheless, here’s the start of my run, every 3 seconds my camera took a picture! I always run with my phone in a snazzy neon pink fanny pack so now I know what my phone gets to see during my runs!


A Run Cut Short

Assignment #27 Take a picture of the sun

For my photo of the sun, I have decided to take a picture of my bedroom light. Since I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time in my room I thought of the sun as my electric light rather than actual lighting since it wakes up with me in the morning and sets when I’m going to bed.


pixillation(ish) of a dog

I was captivated by the music video from Oren Lavin who used pixilation to create a beautiful animation. I think it would be interesting to apply Piero Glina & Martin Borst cmyb layered photography with pixilation to create an animation that overdramatizes movement but still has a stop motion feel to the video. The process would be to create almost like a time-lapse of the subject but to make four frames turn into a single frame that is in the cmyb layered style. I think this would be interesting to apply this to dogs taken in the situation of having to do tricks before getting treats. Their movement will be over exaggerated, and it might enhance some of their mood and emotions.

People in Time: Ideas

CFA hallway in the Wean Physics department:

I want to set up a bunch of kinetics or motion detectors in the CFA art hallway and track the movement of people as well as set up some microphones and capture ambient sounds. In real time I want to sent this information to an array of LED lights in the Wean physics hallway and have the lights correspond to movement in CFA as well as the captured distorted sounds. By doings this I am creating a ghostly image of people in one location into another.

Blood pressure monitor:

I want to monitor the blood pressure of a CMU freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior and create different vests that correspond to the their blood pressure. If their blood pressure rises I want the vest to tighten around the individual and play high tempo music. If their blood pressure decreases the vest loosens and the music changes to something more relaxing and soothing.

Climbers, one finger holds:

For this one I have no idea what I want to do with it but I just think that is crazy that people can do this.