Today’s Agenda

Due for Next Class Session

The following are due by the beginning of class, Thursday, January 16:

    1. Read all pages of the Syllabus (links at the bottom of the Syllabus page)
    2. Complete the ExCap Welcome Form and FERPA Waiver
    3. Login to the ExCap website (login here), and (if you wish) modify your profile Nickname. Note that you should use your Andrew credentials to access the WordPress Dashboard.
    4. Create a blog post on this website, discussing a project you admire, which you believe is relevant to this course. Be sure to include all of the following:
      • write a brief (100-150 word) written description of the project;
      • write a few sentences about why you find it interesting;
      • include an embedded image and/or video documenting the project.
      • categorize your blog post using the WordPress Category, ProjectToShare.
    5. Read this article (The Camera, Transformed by Machine Vision), and in a blog post with the WordPress Category Reading01, write a paragraph and discuss the relationship between the user/operator and cameras/sensors that make choices on their own. What is the role of the operator/user(s)? How does that defy or affirm expectations of a “camera” and “authorship”?