• How are you?
  • Using and Accommodating to Zoom
  • Deliverables are now Offerings. Do them for yourself, and for each other.
  • No judging. Some of us have terrific hardship right now.
  • Individualized Skype sessions have been postponed, for now.


  • Per CMU, you now have the option to have this course reflected on your transcript as Pass/No-Pass. We will provide a final grade, which you can choose to keep or ignore. Also, owing to the high quality of your work prior to mid-semester, everyone will Pass.
  • Per CMU, Thursday April 16, formerly a Spring Carnival day, is now allocated to classes. This compensates for the session cancelled on Tuesday March 17. We will poll you to determine how you would like to use this day.

Take Care of Yourself

  • For those of you in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon Student Affairs runs the CMU Pantry. The Pantry will take orders through an online form, and prepare your food in bags for you to pick up; for information please click here. If you are experiencing a food emergency, are under self-quarantine/isolation, are ill, or are otherwise unable to make it to the Pantry and you need immediate food assistance, please email
  • Adobe is offering free Creative Cloud services to students working remotely. CMU Computing Services will be posting information and guidance about this here. Details are being finalized now, with the goal of making free CC downloads available by March 23.
  • Please keep in mind your well-being, both physical and mental. If you need any special accommodations, please let us know. If you become ill, contact a doctor ASAP, and please let us know. If you need mental health support, we’d like to remind you of the following resources: Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS), at +1-412-268-2922 and In Pittsburgh, you can also access the Re:solve Crisis Network at +1-888-796-8226

A Re-Orientation

  • We are de-centering exotic or ‘high’ technologies, in favor of an emphasis on resourcefulness with limited means; and
  • undergoing a shift: from objectivity to subjectivity, and from exteriority to interiority (centered in the uniqueness of your experience).

In short: We will be using the materials we have at hand, to get at more personal truths. In light of this, here is a lecture on ExCap with the Everyday.

Prompts for Tuesday March 24

The purpose of these projects is to get you observing and making. Please work quickly and don’t overthink. There are several parts; do as many as you feel interested and able to do.

  1. Go for a walk outside. Capture at least 50 photos. In a blog post categorized WalkOutside, present a discovery.
  2. Take a picture of yourself using some form of physical/optical distortion. Present the image in a blog post categorized IRLDistortion. You may publish this image privately if you wish.
  3. Perform one of the assignments by Miranda July which we have listed at the bottom of this lecture. More details about those assignments are at the Learning to Love You More site.  Present your ‘report’ in a blog post, categorized L2LYM.