SEM Information

Directions to the Pitt Center for Biologic Imaging

The Pitt Center for Biologic Imaging is located within the UPMC Eye & Ear Institute, ~203 Lothrop.

From CMU, head towards Presbyterian Hospital and Lothrop Street. About 2/3rds of the way up Lothrop street from Fifth Avenue is the Eye and Ear Institute. Enter that door, into the lobby. Go past the security desk on the right, to the 2nd set of elevators on the left. Take the elevators to the 2nd floor. Enter the glass double doors. Donna and the Center for Biologic Imaging are in Room 220.1, right near the door.

Contact Information

Check your email for Donna’s phone number, should you need it.

Donna Beer Stolz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Cell Biology
Associate Director, Center for Biologic Imaging
Director, Electron Microscopy Facility
BST South 220.1
University of Pittsburgh Medical School
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Session Schedule

Name Day Date Time
Huw Thursday 23-Jan 4:00pm
Philippe Thursday 23-Jan 4:30pm
Oscar Thursday 23-Jan 5:00pm
Cathryn Thursday 23-Jan 5:30pm
Sean Friday 24-Jan 4:00pm
Joyce Friday 24-Jan 4:30pm
Christian Friday 24-Jan 5:00pm
Policarpo Friday 24-Jan 5:30pm
Marianne Monday 27-Jan 4:30pm
Kaitlyn Monday 27-Jan 5:00pm
Joseph Monday 27-Jan 5:30pm
David Monday 27-Jan 6:00pm
Steven Tuesday 28-Jan 9:00am
Olivia Tuesday 28-Jan 9:30am
Cassie Tuesday 28-Jan 6:00pm
Izzy Tuesday 28-Jan 6:30pm
spoon Tuesday 28-Jan 7:00pm
Lukas Wednesday 29-Jan 9:00am
Stacy Wednesday 29-Jan 9:30am
Tahirah Wednesday 29-Jan 4:30pm
Lumi Wednesday 29-Jan 5:00pm
Jacqui Wednesday 29-Jan 5:30pm