Rabbit Hole #2

What Shift4’s Acquisition of the Giving Block Tells Us About the Future of Crypto Philanthropy

The Giving Block is one of the main companies making it possible for nonprofits to accepts Crypto donations directly, instead of indirectly through an avenue like a Donor Advised Fund. It is part of a growing number of companies that facilitate direct Crypto donations for a fee, like Engiven. The Giving Block reports “the total […]

Rabbit Hole #1

Seeking immortality through one’s art is passé. Why not just be immortal?

In April 2019, the Dalí Lives exhibit opened along with an AI recreation of Salvador Dalí: Dalí Lives is an advanced instance of a growing phenomenon with the potential to disrupt both the art world and technologically mediated inter personal relationships. Ghostbots (sometimes called Griefbots) are an impending challenge for post mortem privacy and the […]