Rabbit Hole #2

Metaverse and Why it Matters for the Arts

The Rising Metaverse As one of the most well-known technological concepts in the world, the metaverse has gathered trillion discussions and led to many conversations, especially in the technology world. Technology tycoons such as Meta(Facebook), Microsoft, Apple, Tencent, and Bytedance have raised a Metaverse competition worldwide. Also, contributing to the intrinsic connections between Metaverse and […]

Rabbit Hole #1

Gamification in Arts: Why and How?

A brief history of gamification Gamification, in the most well-known and basic definition, is “the process of adding games or game-like elements to something (such as a task) so as to encourage participation” The definition of gamification may vary between people and situations, but the core is to utilize concepts from game development to solve […]