Week 4


I hope those in Pittsburgh are tucked in and staying warm this cold weekend (although next week is looking up!). I hope those in or with family in Texas are getting the help they need (both of my family in Texas had no water for days or no electricity for the same- but improving).

For Monday night’s class, I will be on campus for those interested in venturing out.  Regardless, we’re going to focus on technologies used in physical spaces where our audiences / patrons are coming to engage with the arts we are presenting:  Movie theatres,  theme parks, concert venues, museums, live performance spaces, etc.  What are the options? How is it disrupting our relationships?  What are the pros and cons of using technology interventions for interpretation, participation, or pure entertainment?  How does it change the staffing requirements an organization might need?

We will also talk about your first hands on experiment — what you tried and what you learned along the way.

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