March 8: AI, Robots, Chatbots, oh my!

This week we move from AI and artistic creation to Artificial Intelligence’s most obvious form:  robots and their digital friends “bots” (chat bots etc). In fact, the next Hands On focuses on chatbots as a fun activity. 

Your first ‘larger’ assignment is due the 8th (or 23rd) as well.  The review assignment is designed to give you practice identifying criteria for analysis recognizing that in your career you will often find yourself tasked with evaluating a selection of software or technologies for adoption by your company.  Conversely, you might be evaluating an experience offered by a peer/competitor.  This assignment offers a fun practice. A few of you will be turning in your Review / Experience analysis this week.  The remainder can turn it in up to and including March 23rd 🙂 

Looking forward to some more futuristic fun tomorrow.

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