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Monday, April 26 – Infrastructure

I suspect many of you are sensing the near end of the semester. Congratulations! You’ve made it (and it’s May 1 on Thursday).

I have your feedback from the survey and will review that and how we will progress through our May 10th final exam period / Rabbit Hole #2 presentations.

On Monday night we will be diving into Technology Infrastructure of our industries (and many of the considerations an arts manager must keep in mind). 
In addition, please consider your experience as an intern / professional and the frameworks the company had in place for employee technology. We will discuss during class.

We will also do our 3rd and final required Hands On share out (assuming most people didn’t go deep into coding and did either the IFTTT, Zapier or Scratch).  If you did any of the last 3 I would hope the Hands On would take less than the outer limit of 2 hours to complete, and maybe it was/is either fun or informative!

See you tomorrow.

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