2022: The (2nd) Year of the NFT?

Welcome to our class website. You’ll be authoring your own blog posts here for your Rabbit Hole Assignments. One of the cool things about wordpress is you can categorize posts to help organize them. I will categorize my posts as “Announcements” and I will ask you to categorize yours as either “Rabbit Hole #1” or “Rabbit Hole #2”. I will post as an announcement HOW to do a WordPress Blog post a little later in the semester.

As we go into our first Module (Artificial Intelligence) our adventure begins. Your Hands-On for this module is to create a chatbot (you can look at the hands on tab and we’ll walk through in class). As you discovered in your Ted Talk — AI isn’t new (it’s 60 years old!) BUT it is reaching new opportunities and, particularly, engaging at a business and consumer level previously unheard of. Additionally — AI has significant ethical issues. (at least in its current state). Be sure to consider the intended and unintended consequences of all technology as we move through our adventures this semester.

The 2nd module transitions from AI to our interactives with our audiences (externally and internally). Our 3rd Module will focus on Blockchain and, you too, will create an NFT. We will wrap up the class with a more sensitive discussion of infrastructure, security, and privacy (with a touch of big tech throughout).

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