Rabbit Hole #2

NFTs: An Easy Target for Copyright Infringement in the Music Industry

INTRO TO NFTS NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have gained massive popularity in recent years, touching industries from fashion to video games. They are non-fungible, meaning each one is unique, and their status as a token indicates they stand in for something else – i.e. they’re linked to a specific benefit or good, but the token […]

Rabbit Hole #1

Art Theft and NFTs

It is fitting that the quote I intended to open this article with is impossible to attribute to any one person. “Good artists copy, great artists steal” or some similar wording has been associated with artists and “creatives” such as Steve Jobs, Pablo Picasso, T. S. Eliot, Igor Stravinsky, and William Faulkner. I can think […]