Independent Project

Remi Adeoti

My Independent project was intended to be a quilt of indigo dyed patched squares.

My process started out with creating my indigo vat and individually dying each piece of cloth. This part wasn’t too difficult except it was time consuming, I ended up dying over the course of a few days. The greatest struggle I faced was getting patterns to take, especially if they were folded alot. However, I thought the dying was successful and I enjoy the collection of prints and differences of deepnesss in indigo the quilt has.

The next step was patching the squares together, this step was difficult and again time consuming but there ere no major issues I. came across while doing this.

After I began to embroider at the corners of the patchwork. I recreated leaves and stems that had some color relationship to represent the natural aspect of indigo dyeing.

From there I began to quilt. This might have been the most difficult part of my process. I struggled to sew straight because the heaviness of the piece and my lack of space pulled it in a different direction while I was sewing. Also this piece was too big and dense and it gave me issues guiding it through the sewing machine. These issues are visible however I’m still satisfied with how the piece turned out.