Nov. 19 – Class 24


  • Welcome
  • Questions about Digital Print
  • Brainstorming exercises
  • Homework
  • Exit Ticket (below)


Selective Random Brainstorming

  • Share your ideas – through discussion select one of your ideas to focus upon
  • Generate Four lists of 10 words/short phrase under these headings about your focus idea:
    • Themes/Concepts
    • Media/Techniques
    • Audience/Group
    • Context/Place
  • Use the online random picker with each heading to select a four word sentence.
  • Notice your responses to the sentences you generate.
  • Share with group


Each letter in the acronym represents a certain transformation you can apply to the subject of brainstorming.

  • S — Substitute.
  • C — Combine.
  • A — Adapt.
  • M — Modify.
  • P — Put to other uses.
  • E — Eliminate.
  • R — Rearrange or reverse.

It’s necessary to illustrate each step with an example and ask participants to generate a couple of ideas themselves for the sake of training. As a result, you’ll be sure they won’t get stuck. We explained the mechanism by giving sample ideas for improving such an ordinary object as a ballpoint pen.

  • Substitute the ink with something edible.
  • Combine the body and the grip so that they are one piece.
  • Adapt a knife for “writing” on wood like a pen.
  • Modify the body so that it becomes flexible — for wearing as a bracelet.
  • Use a pen as a hairpin or arrow for darts.
  • Eliminate the clip and use a magnet instead.
  • Reverse the clip. As a result, the nib will be oriented up, and the pen won’t spill in a pocket.


The following are due by the beginning of class, Thursday, Nov. 19:

  1. Complete your proposal for your Independent Project. Make a blog post upload your proposal (as described in the Independent Project assignment page) under category labeled Independent Project.
  2. Complete your Digital Repeat Pattern assignment. Make a blog post upload your proposal (as described in the Digital Repeat Pattern assignment page) under category labeled Digital Repeat Pattern.