Oct. 6 – Class 11


Natural Dye Workshop (optional)

We will host an optional Natural Dye Workshop using food stuffs. Please register here for the workshop (for either in-person or remote): http://bit.ly/SoftTech-NaturalDye-Registration

What to dye? For our Natural Dyeing with food stuffs, the best fibers to dye with are natural protein fibers: wool, silk, alpaca, cashmere, merino, (any animal fiber), etc. For examples: An old, second hand sweater or silk scarf; Wool yarn or scraps of wool fabric.

For those in-person: please start saving onion skins and avocado skins & pits! A variety of colorful flowers can also be used. We will need those on the day of our workshop.

For those remote: you can dye with the following food items WITHOUT needing seperate equipment because all of the ingrediants and mordants are editable:

  • onion skins
  • tumeric
  • avocado skins and pits
  • red cabbage


The following are due by the beginning of class, Tuesday, 10/6 :

  1. Complete your Mending Assignment.
  2. Create a blog post on this WordPress site to document your Mending project.
    • Categorize your post with this WordPress category: Mending
    • Write a brief paragraph outlining your explorations: intended effects, surprises, discoveries, challenges, successes.
    • Embed clear, quality images of your mending project in the blog post.

Mending Resources

Embroidery Resources

Embroidery Stitches Handout