Oct. 8 – Class 12


Natural Dye Workshop (optional)

We will host an optional Natural Dye Workshop using food stuffs. Please register here for the workshop (for either in-person or remote): http://bit.ly/SoftTech-NaturalDye-Registration

Critique Feedback Format

  1. Observe: Jot a few notes about exactly what you see
  2. Interpret: Based upon your observations (not what the maker has written), what story or meaning do you interpret from the weaving?
  3. Rose: What are the strengths of the work?
  4. Thorn: What aspect of the work could use more attention or improvement?
  5. Bud: What is something you see in the work that has potential?


The following are due by the beginning of class, Tuesday, 10/13 :

  1. Cut Nine cloth squares. Each cloth square should measure 4″x4″
  2. Create a blog post on this WordPress site about a Textile Tradition that excites you. Sign up for your topic on this spreadsheet with a list of many textile traditions. You will be asked to share your findings.
    • Categorize your post under “Textile Traditions”
    • Upload a few photos of the tradition, a map of where in the world it comes from, a credit of who makes the tradition, and a link to where you found your information.
    • Write a few paragraphs about the tradition, who the people are who make it, and any information that will help us appreciate what is special about this tradition. Also tell us why you chose it.