Sept. 3 – Class 2


  • Welcome & Exit Ticket Responses from 9/1 (below)
  • Share out: Found Looms and Warp/Weft Materials
  • Demo: Warping
  • Activity: Warp Time! or time warp?
  • Demo: Basic Plain Weave & Needles
  • Review homework for Tuesday 9/8 (below)
  • Demo: Posting documentation to this WordPress website
  • Exit Ticket (below)
  • Videos of Demos from class on 9/3


The following are due by the beginning of class, Tuesday, Sept. 8:

  1. Do Part 2: Testing, Tinkering, Toying of the Improvisational Weaving assignment.
  2. Order Course Materials Package beginning Friday, Sept. 4
    1. Link to the Material Packages at the CMU school store
  3. Create a blog post on this WordPress site to document Part 2 of Improv. Weaving
    1. Categorize your post with this WordPress category: Improvisational Weavings
    2. Write a brief paragraph outlining your explorations: intended effects, surprises, discoveries, challenges, successes.
    3. Embed clear, quality images of your weaving experiments in the blog post.
    4. Embed and Label clear, quality images of the items you gathered for in your scavenger hunt in the blog post.

Exit Ticket Responses from 9/1:

Are there any other resources you would recommend beyond office hours for us to use for inspiration or help on these techniques if we hit a road block?

I’m really excited about fabric printing. is there a way to access that outside of the specific fabric printing assignment/outside of this class?

  • Take a look at to see if they would meet some of your immediate needs!

First off, I love that literally anything can be used for weaving! But how long does a typical weaving take? I’m really seeing the potential for different scales!

  • A weaving can take an hour or it can take years!!!! (I will show you in a later slideshow weavings that took years to create). It depends on the size of your weaving, how fine your warp and weft threads are, the tools you have access to, and what kind of weaving you are doing. For these experimental weavings we are doing for this assignment, I expect the weavings due 9/8 to take anywhere between 1-2 hours each. I think these weavings will give you a really good sense of how to scale your weavings and ambitions for weaving(s) due on 9/15. Let’s check in again about time and weaving after the weekend to see what your experience shows you.

Demo Videos (on Youtube)