Sept. 8 – Class 3



The following are due by the beginning of class, Thurs., 9/10:

  1. Plan how you address Part 3: The Deeper Dive of the Improvisational Weaving assignment. Come prepared to share your thoughts on Thursday.
  2. Prepare images for the Alt Text Activity on Thursday.
    • Read pages 1-18 of this document.
    • Select four (4) images from the sources below (Don’t spend too much time selecting these, just grab something that piques your interest and go with it. You can print these out or gather them on a computer/phone/tablet.)
      1. Two (2) images found online. If you don’t have specific images you want to work with, we suggest choosing an artwork from an online collection. Here are a few go-tos:
      2. One (1) photo taken by you. If you have a phone that takes photos, pull up the last photo on your camera roll, or the last photo you posted to social media. Or you can take a new photo. It just has to be a photo you take.
      3. One (1) headshot from this Google Drive folder.

Tapestry Technique Resources:

Weft Technique Demo Videos:

Exit Ticket Responses from 9/3:

Can our weaving project started in class count towards the 3 small projects due for Tuesday?