Sept. 15 – Class 5



  1. Observe: Write an Alt-Text sentence or two for each weaving.
  2. Interpret: Based upon your observations (not what the maker has written), what story or meaning do you interpret from the weaving?
  3. Heart: What is something you learned from the weaving? What is something you think is going well in the weaving?
  4. Triangle: What aspect of the weaving could use more attention or improvement?
  5. Star: Write a question you have for the maker of the weaving.


The following are due by the beginning of class, Thurs., :

  1. Do: If you are not in Pittsburgh and have not received your materials kit in the mail, check-in with Olivia about making a cardboard loom frame.
  2. Create a blog post on this WordPress site of a piece of textile based artwork or creation that you love.
    • Upload a few photos of the work, a credit of who made it, and a link to where you found it.
    • Write text about why you chose it and any information about how it was made.