I was initially inspired for this project by the Seaworld nets, an integral part of my childhood that has since been taken down to make way for Sesame Street Land.


A part of the project I was personally really proud of was making the net structural/able to take body weight. While body weight did not get incorporated into the final installation actuation methods it was good proof to myself that I have the experience and tools to create something this load-bearing.

This project came in the middle of tech for School of Drama so I was not able to give it the attention and care it perhaps deserved. That being said, I thought it turned out quite interesting and it was a fun process of exploration and juxtaposition for me.

The heavyweight materials on the bottom half contrasted quite dramatically with the top half that was kind of falling apart most of the time, which could be a metaphor for my mental state at the time. This project definitely needed a little more refinement but I was overall satisfied with the interactions (especially the 2-person actuation on the bottom knit net).