Mar. 16, 2023, 12:00PM to 1:50PM

Welcome! Today we will first focus on the question of site-specific activity in project pairs to develop project ideas, then individually consult on the ‘action at a distance’ progress.

Site-specific projects

The final project involves making an interactive, kinetic, site-specific textile sculpture which inhabits an architectural space.

The first question of the day is simply: what space will your team use?

This evokes several follow-up questions:

  • What are the architectural qualities of the space itself? This can include form, materials, positive vs negative spaces, light easements, and other physical attributes.
  • What purposes are associated with the space? Is it transitional, a destination, functional, aesthetic? What are the boundaries and relations to adjacent spaces? Does the space imply or make reference to other locations?
  • What are the physical activities associated with the space? Who is performing them?


  1. Spend a few minutes with your partner discussing what spaces you have already considered. Choose a space to investigate.
  2. Shoot a photo study of the space. Collect images from all angles, near, far, approaching, departing, looking up, looking down. Find tiny details. Hold the camera high, hold it low. Think about where the light flows.
  3. Observe any foot traffic if possible. If not, re-enact typical activities.
  4. Shoot a short video study of your partner moving through the space.
  5. Consider where someone would engage with possible interactive controls.
  6. Shoot a short video study of your partner pantomiming an approach, engagement, and interaction with tactile affordances.
  7. Come back to Studio A, review your media, and sketch two possible pieces which use the space.
  8. After about an hour, we’ll share our results around.


For the second half of class, Garth will be available for consultation on resolving any questions with the “Action at a Distance” assignment.


For the final installation project please post a short project proposal by Tuesday including several sketches of a proposed work, a title, and a paragraph of text outlining the kinetic and tactile experiences a visitor might encounter.