Jan 31, 2023, 12:00PM to 1:50PM

Welcome! The main objectives for today are introducing some useful textile techniques. We will also be individually reviewing your first ‘parasite’ results from current assignment.


For Thursday, please bring a laptop to class. If you can, please install the mu Python editor software in advance, we will be using it to program and interact with microcontrollers. We will have an in-class workshop using the Circuit Playground Bluefruit microcontrollers with Crickit motor drivers.

Precedent Research

We’ll begin with three brief student presentations on related work.

Homework Review

Please take a minute to get out your first ‘parasite’ results for a quick review.

Textile Techniques

We will have a tutorial in several techniques useful for the project:

  • Adding semi-rigid elements to the fabric.
  • Hand-stitching


We’ll spend time working on incorporating textile elements into your project, then share at the end.