Jan 26, 2023, 12:00PM to 1:50PM

Welcome! The main objectives for today are to introduce the DC motor pumps, then experiment with motorized inflation.

Precedent Research

We’ll begin with three brief student presentations on related work.


Assignment Three

The third assignment involves constructing and programming a small pneumatically-actuated textile installation, with three deadlines: update 1 on Jan 31, update 2 on Feb 7, and a full presentation and critique on Feb 9.

DC Motor Pumps

Reference Guide

Materials Guide

Power and Plumbing

  • power supplies, 5VDC
  • barrel plug terminal adapters
  • DC motor pumps with attached wires
  • temporary switches
  • silicone tubing (expensive)
  • PVC tubing (affordable)

We will introduce the components and walk you through some ‘bench’ tests to see what kind of results are feasible. It would be helpful to have both very small and larger pneumatic actuators at hand.


Five-minute mid-class rest break.

Move to HL A4

We will move downstairs and meet in the HL A4 fabric lab for the remainder of the session. We will group into ad hoc pairings to work together on small samples and share them at the end of class.