Feb 23, 2022, 12:00PM to 1:50PM

Welcome! The main objectives for today is to use the laser cut mechanical parts and fabric to create a site-specific installation in the library during class.


If you want to get laser cutter access in IDeATe, review IDeATe’s laser cutter policies and requirements here.

Looking Ahead

Materials for Today

  • fabric
  • twine
  • laser-cut mechanical parts (hand-cranks, levers, wheels, string pulleys, and simple wooden mechanisms)
  • clamps
  • safety pins
  • clips

In Class: Site Specific Installation

In class you will work as pairs or triads to create a site-specific installation using the laser-cut reference parts (hand-cranks, levers, wheels, string pulleys, and simple wooden mechanisms) and at least 1 yard of cloth. The cloth can be any of our materials from our stash of materials, muslin or canvas in A4, or the random fabric pieces in A4.

Each small group will be assigned a floor in the library (2, 3, or 4) to make their in-class project. Choose a spot on the floor to make your mechanism – please be aware of other students who may studying there. Spend some time in your selected spot to develop an idea of how you want to respond to it. Keep the ideation to no more than 10 minutes so most of your time will be spend building and trying out your ideas. Once you start working, you may need to fully scrap your idea and focus on what is working (rather than what you thought might work).

Your group will have 1 hour to create the installation. We will look at all of the installations after the hour for installation.


Prepare a blog post for Assignment 4