What is a Post?

A POST DEFINITION file is a unique translation document, defining multiple variables and lines of code that are specific for Computer Numeric Controlled Equipment. Think of this as a dictionary, of sort.

A POST PROCESSOR creates, arranges, and formats lines of code between CAD Geometry, CAM Operation settings and the Post Definition File.

Commonly referred to as the “POST“, this is the final-formation of code, that guides the CNC Equipment based on the previously prepared CAD & CAM settings defined by the user.



Post Definition Files

To create a POST, you will need a POST DEFINITION file. The following POST DEFINITION files are unique to IDeATe CNC Equipment, and should not be used for any other CNC Equipment.

Post Definition File : Standard, Inches

Post Definition File : Metric, Millimeters



1. POST: Download
Download & save the Post Definition file. Make note of where the file is saved.
2. POST: File Location

From the Machining Operations Browser, the Post Definition File can be adjusted by double-clicking one of the following:

1. POST: Located as the second option down, from the PROGRAM tab, directly below the MACHINE option, int the MACHINE SETUP bar.

2. POST – XXXX: Located as the second option down, from the MACHINING JOB Tree, directly below MACHINE – 3-AXIS & above STOCK – NONE.

3. POST: Select
A new window titled SET POST-PROCESSOR OPTIONS will appear.

1. FOLDER: Begin by browsing to the folder, where the recently downloaded Post Definition file is located.

2. CURRENT POST PROCESSOR: IF there is more than one Post Definition file in the previously selected folder location; select the drop-down arrow to select the correct Post Processor.

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