Research Presentation

Due dates:
Choose Topic: 2/7
Bibliography & Outline uploaded to Canvas: 2/14  (in the Research Presentation assignment) Presentation:  Group 1: 2/26   &   Group 2: 2/28

Choose an architect, artist, designer, engineer, collective, or movement that uses soft sculpture or inflatables to research and present as a slide talk. Investigate a topic that is of particular interest to you and share your findings with the class, while building your research and presentation skills. Compose an approximately 10 min talk with good projected images and confident and informative narration.


  • Your bibliography should be in MLA formatting and style standards.
  • Bibliography must contain at least 3 non-internet sources.
  • The presentation must be at least 8 minutes and may not exceed 10 minutes.   
  • Please limit the number of visuals to 18-20. Low resolution downloads are not acceptable.
  • Do not project the text of your talk (titles, credits, etc. are fine).
  • Research Presentation Rubric

discovery – what does the architect/artist/designer/engineer discover through creating their work?
narrative of work – how did it change over time? what was the context of the times when they presented the work? what is the breadth of the work?
interest – what is most interesting or inspiring to you?
mechanics – how the work was made? how was it paid for? was there help making it?
what others say – what do critics or other architects/artists/designers/engineers think of the work?

Research Presentations:
Miranda: WWII Decoy Inflatables
Eli: Snaratecture
Jules: Nichlas Grimshaw and Partners
Sommer: Macy’s Day Parade History
Ema: Feminine Body forms in Inflatables
Gabe: Inflatable Dams
David: Christo & Jean Claude
Chloe: Jule Waibei
Ankita: Nils Voelker
Denise: Nancy Davidson
Roberto: Inflatable Robotics
Patrick: Aeromorph design and the research of Professor Glaucio Paulino
John: Do Ho Suh
Rachel: Richard Sweeney

Some possible architects/artists/designers/topics:  (…or you could suggest a subject to talk about!)

Maren Hassinger Empowerment Project Michael Rackowitz
Louise Bourgeois Lucy McRae Senga Nengudi
Margarita Cabrera Claes Oldenberg & Coosje van Bruggen museo aero solar
Charles LeDray Laura Ford Sutee Kunavichayanont
Lucy Orta Utopian Infl. Architecture (genre) Rosa Verloop
Tomas Saraceno Inflatables in Fashion Abeer Seikaly
Nils Voelker Space Inflatables Numen
Christo and Jeanne Claude Penique Productions Victorine Müller
Iris Van Herpen Pneu Haus Azzedine Alaia
Sebastian Di Mauro Keg de Souza Claire Watson
Lauren Berkowitz Raumlabor Amina Robinson
Do Ho Suh Victorine Muller Gareth Pugh
Hans Hemmert Joshua Allen Harris Jann Haworth
Pat Olezsko Mycket Jessica Wohl
Annette Messager Inflatable robotics Max Streicher
Mike Kelly Ernesto Neto Ant Farm
Lee Boroson Magdalena Abakanowicz Tristan Lowe
Yayoi Kusama Olek Allyson Mitchell
Anicka Yi Sonia Clark Joanna Vasconcelos
Paul McCarthy Big M Alex Schweder
John Locke Unipart Structure Tony Oursler
Architects of Air Rachael Shannon