Project 2: Independent Project

Proposal Due: April 4
Mid-way Critique: April 16
Final Critique: May 2

Your final project for the semester is an Independent Project. There are three prompts below to help jump-start your project. You can use any techniques and media you learned during the semester in addition to techniques you have invented yourself or gained elsewhere. You will work on this project mostly outside of class. During class time we will work on the large scale collaborative Dream Pavilion.

Prompt 1:
Create a piece(s) in response to your Research Talk. In responding, consider materials, scale and construction as all these should expand on your relationship to the work and ideas. You may think of this as an imaginary collaboration with the artist, a response to a particular piece, following a material or conceptual curiosity, or, or…

Prompt 2:
Create a new piece or series of pieces – the ones you have been waiting to create all semester! What have you wanted to explore but haven’t yet? What did you discover in the first half of the class that you want to pursue further?  What ideas would you like to test out or develop?

Prompt 3:
Dedicate your time outside of class to develop our Dream Pavilion. After the class has decided on the direction of the Dream Pavilion project, your independent project could be to further our collaborative project, including but not limited to: creating sewing patterns, construction, developing details of a specific portion, creating video, developing a lighting schema, etc. If you choose this prompt, you will need to be creating the work in service to the ideas agreed upon by the class and incorporate feedback along the way. Also, you will need to document your process and specific contributions to the collaborative project.

Important Dates:
April 4: Proposal. Upload your proposal to Canvas. It should include a one- page written description, drawings, and a timeline for yourself.
April 16: Bring in your work for a mid-way critique
May 2: Project due for final critique. Come prepared to share your Independent Project with the class for critique. Upload documentation to the class website by one week after the due date.

PDF of the Independent Project Rubric