Originally inspired to make some sort of octopus-type parasite, I found these mollusk creatures on the web and was more enamored to create something of this type with its hypnotizing design.

Tonicella Lineata from wildlife photographer Aron Sanchez-Baranda

After seeing this video up close of their movement, I have become more determined to achieve something similar in a parasite that lives on rocks submerged in water or in the mud.

The Lined Chiton’s movement appears to be a result of differently sized/moving chambers that may lend itself to our pneumatic bag creations. I am unsure of how to carry out the inflation, however, as the gripping motion around objects may require multiple chambers with different nozzles or entrances for each to have complete control.

I envision the creature having an array of chambers to actuate translational movement and an additional chamber to maintain object attachment perhaps through suction with one of the air motors?

I couldn’t make it to Hunt this weekend but tried using a home soldering iron to make bladders though they have too many holes to inflate