In every class exercise we’ve done so far I’ve been really drawn to translucency and see-through materials, so I’m interested in creating a parasite of light. My initial idea is to have the form surrounding a light source and be selectively blocking the light from escaping, and using it as ‘energy.’

Initial sketch

The first sketch I made is rather abstract and doesn’t really indicate motion, but it depicts this amorphous, overgrown shape that I want to appear as if it’s growing and engulfing the light source. The lamp pictured is an Ikea lamp that I own, and would be the base/structural part of the parasite to have some stability to base the motion off of.

I’m also interested in depicting the environment in which a light parasite might live. Creatures that exist in low-light conditions are often pale and translucent, and share similar physical qualities that have been selected for survival in such areas. In contrast, animals and plants that live in sunlight-rich environments can be incredibly colorful. Having the inside of the parasite- the part closer to the light- be more colorful, and the outside of the parasite (assuming that it lives in a low-light environment) be pale, translucent, and have qualities like that of a deep-sea animal could be really intriguing to both create and view.