Prototype 1

The goal of this first prototype was to explore how sealing lines within a pocket could influence the way it scrunches when inflated. Previously I had observed that sealing lines within a pocket could influence how sharp edges and different bulbous sections develop as it inflates.

Prototype 2

With this second prototype I created a pocket that is bound to a piece of cardboard through a string. The pocket creates a gentle curve in the cardboard as it inflates and is pulled back to the initial state by the tension of the string. I also tried to accentuate this movement through the pipe cleaner attachments.

Prototype 3

This last prototype was an attempt to explore weaving the plastic within itself. I started off by trying to create a system where a folded piece of paper could be inserted between the cuts in the plastic to bend and bias the direction of bending. However, the movement wasn’t as interesting as I hoped and I switched to attempting to extract air back out from another tube.

Prototype 4