Concept Development

One idea for curtain fabric exploration is to have multiple layers of fabric with one side made up of an opaque black fabric and the other side filled with lighter fabrics with Shibori fabrics attached loosely and densely to the outside. Lights would be suspended in between. This structure would then be pulled up by the middle and suspended with the length cut at least in half.

Fabric Exploration

Part 1: Fabric Layering and light:

To start, we were interested in combining shibori fabrics with fabrics with other densities, colors, and properties to explore the visual effect of layering the fabric and how it might interact with light.

Because the shibori fabric we started with were so light, we chose a number of heavier fabrics to explore combining with. Below are some examples of combining layers of fabric with light.

The goal with this stage was to explore light diffusion through fabric. I also was very interested in the creation of depth and an atmospheric environment by creating a gradient of light and fabric. Ideally viewers on the inside would not be able to clearly see the outside fabric.