Class Notes, 23 Jan 2018

First off, if you’re on a Mac and seeing the error about “Disk Not Ejected Properly”, I posted a fix for this last Fall.

Second, the problem I had with my Metro was apparently a short.  When I got back to my studio I took out all the components and my Metro worked fine.  I replaced the components one by one, doing a new build and upload on each component.  By the time I was finished, it all worked correctly.



Interrupts are a part of our daily life.  The best example is a door bell.  You have two options:

1) Go to the door once a minute and see if anyone is there.

2) Install a door bell.  When someone comes to the door they push the bell and you are notified.  You can choose whether or not to respond to the door bell.

Almost every input to a computing device is based on interrupts:

  • buttons on your mobile
  • game controllers
  • controls on a microwave or stove

Take a look at the attached Arduino and Fritzing sketches.  We will continue to discuss interrupts as well as state machines on Thursday.  I’ll email the reading assignment in a few, please read it and be prepared for a short discussion on potential interaction methods.

class-3 updated 25 Jan with more examples of interrupts

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