Assignment 2: State Machines and Interrupts

Assignment 2: State Machines and Interrupts

Due 23:59, 29 January 2018.  We will discuss in class on the 30th and suggest improvements or analyze different ways to resolve your problem.


State a question or process you would like to solve. (Ex: “control the lights in a room based on a door being opened and curtains being opened or closed.”)  Create a physical interaction using a state machine driven by inputs and interrupts that collects data, interprets the data, then displays a result via console, LEDs, or other output devices. Speakers are acceptable but must be executed in a useful manner, kinematic solutions are also welcome.

The state machine should have at least three states not including on and off states.  Declare whether your states have an order or if any state can transition to another state.

Post a short video showing the various states, I suggest vimeo or youtube.   For your Arduino and Fritzing sketches, make a zip file or gzip/tar bundled and post that to the blog.

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