Exercise 3/23


This is a color sensing umbrella. You can touch the umbrella sensor to any object and it will light the umbrella up in the color it detects. This was created using a microcontroller, neopixel light strips, and a Flora color sensor. It uses a portable battery so the user is able to walk freely with the umbrella. I liked this idea because it’s a creative use for LEDs, visually appealing, and makes it safer for pedestrians at night.



This is another idea I found to be really interesting. It uses capacitive touch as it’s on/off toggle switch. When it is on, the flame lights up and flows in the pattern of real fire. I am always looking for ways to combine art and technology, so this project was especially appealing to me.



Finally, this project drew my attention as they use LEDs as a solution for jaundice in babies. I felt personally connected to this as all of my younger cousins developed jaundice as infants. There is a microcontroller attached and LED strips can be controlled easily with a mobile device. The LEDs are on the inside of the suit, so the baby’s body is exposed to blue light without damage to the baby’s eyes.


I love LEDs!

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