Exercise 3/23



So essentially, Tactum is a software that scans a body part, like your arm, and allows you to 3-D model an object on it using your finger. (Check out the video, it’ll explain things better than I ever could.) It’s a way of using technology and physical interaction as a means of artistic personalization, with functional application.

I found information about Tactum in an article that mentioned it in conjunction with a new 3-D printer developed by the Disney research team that prints soft fabrics.  I think the idea of pairing them is to insinuate that maybe one day we could all just step into our closets in the morning and get a whole new, personally created, perfectly tailored outfit. (Think: Cinderella’s fairy godmother but 3-D printer style.) This project takes a process  that usually is reserved for either huge clothing companies or for select skilled individuals, and hands it to whoever can use this machine. I think that this hand-off is what makes this an interesting project, and what compelled me to immediately think “Ooh this is cool, I want to try this.”

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