Class Notes, 22 March 2018

Nathan Shedroff’s definition of interaction tweaked by me.   (I’m not sure from where I cut-and-pasted this.)

  • Duration: Initiation, Immersion, Conclusion, and Continuation.  (I would include “memory” in this, that’s part of the duration of an event.)
  • Intensity: Reflex, Habit, Engagement
  • Breadth: Products, Services, Brands, Nomenclatures, Channels/Environment/Promotion, and Price
  • Interaction: Passive < > Active < > Interactive  (I would say “aggressive” goes after “interactive.)
  • Triggers: Human Senses, Concepts, and Symbols  (Swastikas in post WWII western countries vs. maps in Japan.)
  • Significance: Meaning, Status, Emotion, Price, and Function (How does an interaction compare to a static physical entity?)

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