Final project storyboarding – storytelling musicbox

The general idea of interaction goes like this:

  1. place some figurine on top of the box, assume the sequence being figurine1 (f1 for short),f2,f3……
  2. Hit play button to play music (where all figurine is a part of, from the very first story)
  3. remove some figurine and add more figurine or do nothing to play more music:
    1. if nothing change, go to the next song that all of them are in follow the story sequence
    2. if new figurine added, play the next song they all in
    3. if figurine got removed: (assume f1, f2,f3 was there)
      1. if f2 or f3 got removed, same as new figurine added
      2. if f1 got removed, f2 becomes the pivot*.


  • *Pivot in this case is that favour the pivot figurine, if no songs are really up to standards(eg: strictly solo/duet).


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