Smart desk

Computers and technology are an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. Individuals push themselves to have maximum productivity every day. In many cases, this drive to work has caused many people to disregard their own health and self-care. A pattern I’ve noticed in the tech industry is workers changing their work station set-up to be more ergonomic. Standing desks and unconventional desks are increasingly popular. Yet, it seems these changes help workers spend even more time in front of the screen. My vision is to create a work station that not only helps increase productivity, but also reminds the user to be human. From the minute the user approaches the desk, they will have a intuitive and seamless work session experience. Using light, timers, motors, and various sensors, the user will be able to organize their tasks while remembering to follow best practices for physical health. Many of us get in a “zone” while we work, which causes us to focus for hours on end without moving an inch. This desk will remind users to walk around and take a break on timed intervals. It will monitor the environment to ensure users are comfortable. It will have small “helpers” that will make working feel less tedious so users can really focus on their work. The desk will also try to accommodate people with vision and hearing problems by implementing different methods of user alert systems.

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