Patch UI – Story

The year, is now. The default interface is screen. But let’s disrupt that. Patches have made a resurgence in fashion, from iconic branding elements to pineapples and pizzas, patches provide great flexibility in the statement you want to make. Using safety pins, conductive ink/fabric, and fabric, Patch UIs allow users to interact with others by interacting with the patches on their cloths.

Each patch can be reprogrammed or updated through the web portal, this is the only screen time you’ll need. Different patterns and levels of complexity are available. Different modes offer different options. You can use the patch as human to human interaction or human to computer interaction. Perhaps you want to send a gentle notification, or get someone’s attention at a loud event, or send emojis to a friend without even touching a screen? Record music or create an animations based on the patterns of touch.

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