Story – Music Box

I listen to a lot of musicals, and that is my background music when I work. Listen to the same thing over and over again is nice to some extent, however, stories might be told differently from different character’s perspective. What if the version of the story is from Elisa Schulyer instead of Alexander Hamilton? What if Cosette is the major character? Not that the music need to change (for a new show, probably).

It would be really interesting to make a interactive music box that have the same song but tells the same story from a different sequence based on the main character that you can choose. It should be mobile, with a rechargable battery, like a real music box (it would be a interesting gift). It doesn’t have to be just musical, it can get connected to wifi and search for certain artist that you wanna listen to. All you need to do is to put a figurine on top and click the play button.

What would be the advantage of having a music box than just use your phone or your computer? Well, say that you are using some music software like spotify. When you want to change a song, you have to go to that interface and click the music you want to listen to. Opening up another page could be really distracting, spotify might also recommend you this and that which doesn’t help. Having a physical interaction can potentially make you less distracted cause there is no “recommend based on history” at least.



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