Final Proposals

We’ll review these next Tuesday.

Here’s a suggested format, I’ll use my cello project as an example.  Include images, sketches, circuits, or “I’m not sure what to do about this bit?” footnotes.

Title: An Interactive Cello Partner

Summary (if needed): An Arduino Responds to a Cellist’s Performance with Dynamically Generated Music

Descriptive paragraph

Describe the goal of your project in a paragraph or two.  Include your purpose (“why does it exist”), how you’ll resolve this with interaction design (“how it works”), and what you consider success.


How are you going to complete this project?  It can be an outline.

  1. find accelerometer
  2. make glove mount
  3. attach to Arduino, test software
  4. use glove to perform cello music and see if this actually possible
  5. repeat as needed
  6. manufacturing: how will I make the final version for the show that will survive hours of performance?

Materials Needed

Looking at everything you’ve written so far, what parts do you need?  How much time do you need on laser cutters or 3d printers?  Do you need to order parts?   If you’re using parts from A10, do you already have working parts?  The final few weeks of class students tend to horde things they don’t need — I found a 30m spool of NeoPixels in someone’s storage container.  One of my phys comp students had their parts “borrowed” 2 weeks before the final show.

Deliverables for Show

It’s the day of the show, what do you need?  How much space?  Power?  Place for your laptop?  Speakers?  Projector?

For my cello project I’d need a chair, a music stand, space for a synthesizer, speakers, power for the speakers and synt.

MEDIA for Show

What do you need to document your  project at the show?  Space for a poster?  Fliers?

I would have a poster behind me so people could read about why/what/how my cello/synth works.



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