Title: InfinEight

Summary: An interactive rollup phone case that can be used to mix and mashup music.

Descriptive paragraph

The goal of this project is to design a fabric-based user interface that controls media on a phone. A phone is an incredibly fast processor and has access to millions of songs, but the screen is small and not usable for actions that incorporate a persons’ whole body. I will be designing an interactive electrical sensor system, boolean capacitive sensing to receive input. The interactions will be sent to my phone using a bluetooth chip to control a Unity Application.


How are you going to complete this project?  It can be an outline.

  1. Write a program for the Bluno Nano to send boolean capacitive values to my phone.
  2. Finalize interface design, and screen print conductive ink
  3. Unity visual of capacitive buttons being touched
  4. Use Unity to control music playback.
  5. If Unity does not work, I will use p5.js to write a program.

Materials Needed

Bluno Nano is the main additional component. I will additionally be screen printing the design.

Deliverables for Show

I will need the product, my computer, and my phone. Additional speakers would be nice, but are not necessary.

MEDIA for Show

Poster describing interaction, so people can play with the design!


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