Assignment 7: Musical Runs

For this assignment, I chose to make a script that allows a user to select a running pace (in steps per minute), which, in turn, selects a preloaded song whose bpm matches the steps per minute of the user. I then used a pedometer code to run a servo that would rotate at a certain speed based on the steps per minute of the user. In a more thoroughly developed version of this design, the servo would run a music box-esque display.

My original idea for this was to have the pedometer run all aspects of the project: it would determine the song choice and the display. I also wanted to use the spotify API to somehow allow a wider range of song choices that would match the pace goal perfectly. Unfortunately, I got too frustrated trying to find a way to use spotify, and my serial connection didn’t work, so I had to split my project into a computer half and an arduino half, and give up on the song range. What I ended up creating uses the computer to set a goal, and the arduino to give the user a visual platform to match the set goal. This way, a user sets their goal via the p5 platform, which sets the song beat, and then has to run at a pace that ensures that the servo rotation matches the song beat. It’s fun to play with. I also added a graphic display that allows the user to see the beat of the song as well as hear it.

Here are my codes:


Music box movement

And my fritzing sketch:

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