Assignment 3 Christoph Eckrich

I used several solenoids and a IR motion sensor to create my device. I think I’d like to call it “monster in a box” or something along those lines… Anyway, I envision him as this cute little guy that gets very scared and skittish when you approach him. He can only peek out one side of the box though.

The IR sensor reads the distance, and then a random pattern displays on the solenoids, increasing in speed as you approach.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 3 Christoph Eckrich”

  1. V cool. I feel like it would lead to a more meaningful response if the IR sensor were on top, which would start to imply an eagerness to touch the approaching hand or maybe even an intention to hurt anyone that comes close to it. This kind of direct interaction enables the project to go in a number of different directions that would more effectively convey some representation of the human condition – and it would probably be a lot more fun to interact with!

    A+ project though

  2. I appreciated that your project had a high level of craft to the presentation, which made the experience of interacting with it more engaging. I think the use of the IR sensor was also smart in relation to your intentions because it seemed to engage with farther distances better than I’ve seen other sensors like the photo resistor do. It was exciting to see something that appeared as inanimate react to even my approach- this unexpected twist is what made the experience so fun.

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