Assignment 1: Lights!

I connected three LEDs  on the breadboard to a three pole switch, a photoresistor, and a 10K ohm resistor.

I found this difficult at first because I didn’t realize that red and white LEDs needed different current run through them. I tried with and without the resistor and adjusted brightness afterwards.

Once I got the simple circuit working, I attached the buttons into the circuit.

This was difficult because I got the photo resistor working independently, but not with the other components.

here are some content!

Assignment 1: Analog and Digital Input and Output

The first assignment is a way for you to show that you understand the basics of digital and analog input and output and how to write a basic Arduino sketch.  It’s also an introduction to coming up with an idea, planning it, implementing it, then documenting your project.  There’s no content requirement, we’re saving that for later classes after everyone is good with the fundamentals of physical computing.

First, come up with an idea and a plan. “Use three switches to turn on three different LEDs and a photoresistor to change the intensity of a fourth LED.”  Based on that idea, create a circuit diagram, draw it on paper or use Fritzing.  Now build the circuit, write the code, and make it happen!

The requirements for this assignment are to take digital and analog input and create outputs for LEDs or the digital vibrators we handed out today in class.  You’re free to use other outputs or make your own switches, there’s also the collection of components in A10.

Document your entire process, from your first idea, the circuits that didn’t work, the changes you made, and what was the final result.   In your documentation, ask yourself what you learned, what went wrong, what you’d do differently if you did it a second time.

To submit your project, post a reply with the documentation.  Attach a zip file to that post containing your Arduino sketch, a photo of your finished breadboard circuit, and anything else you think is relevant.  I’m working on how we can post video to the blog, but for now you could post it to your AFS account and link to that from your submission.

Due 23:59, Monday.  Let me know ASAP if you have a conflict and will be submitting late, if you talked to me after class please send me email as a reminder.