Motors with Stories

This project is a juxtaposition of renewable and unsustainable energy sources. The bulky black forms depict a landscape fueled by oil, but the stark windmill blades create a contrast. The power source is the irony of this piece: at some point in history the windmill’s blades and motion were oil.

The focus of this project was the narrative element, rather than electronics. The schematic and code provided by JET was used for this. The only alteration to the code was the speed. A correct speed for to rotate the propellor smoothly was found at 13/255.

1 thought on “Motors with Stories”

  1. The idea is quite powerful and ubiquitous in today’s dialogue about renewables versus conventional energy choices. A lot of people see only the windmill turning- at least at first- because they only care about where the energy is going/how they use it, seldom considering the darker details (literally depicted in your project). The project runs smoothly mechanically and is very clean-cut. Great job 🙂

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