Assignment 4: Bolaji Bankole

This tells a tiny bit of a story about a bull that hates everything, and so it rams into everything it sees. Oftentimes its hotheadedness is to its own detriment. It has two states essentially, looking for something to ram and ramming.

I had a couple of issues that made this not turn out the way that I would have hoped. I couldn’t find a way to make controlled, repeatable motions with the motors, so any kind of story using the bot’s motion was right out. The motors also don’t have enough torque to move slowly, so what motion I could get out of them had to be quite fast and erratic. I had planned for two bots that would interact with each other, but I also realized that we didn’t have any distance sensors that don’t interfere with themselves, like the IR and ping ones do. Overall, this turned out ok.



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